TANOEHub Communities

TANOEHub Books Club
TANOEHub’s Book Club is an interactive community that brings passionate readers together to discuss inspiring stories. This community meets twice a month and books discussed are not restricted to a particular genre. Join this the TANOEHub Book Club Community to discover new reading pleasures and meet like minded readers.
TANOEHub Startup Club
Starting a business is very tiring, can get frustrating and lonely so no one needs to go at it alone. TANOEHub Startup Club offers a community of entrepreneurs who are on the same journey of building their startups. This community thrives on a peer coaching and advisory system. Join this Startup Community to meet, network and learn from other entrepreneurs.
DC Gamers
The DC Gamers Community is a group of Video Game Enthusiasts who come together to enjoy the world of competitive gaming.
TANOEHub Kids Coding Club
TANOEHub’s Kids Coding Club brings together young kids who are interested in computing, coding and internet to learn together and influence each other.
TANOEhub Women Techees Club
TANOEHub Women Techees Club provides visibility, community, and resources for women and aspiring women in technology. Join this community and stand a chance of being connected to women in tech and to inspire and be inspired by their efforts to stand out and break glass ceilings.